About Zee Tutoring

For over twenty years, Landon Zee has been successful in improving the PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores of high school students. The core of his proven tutoring method is personalization. By starting with an evaluation of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and addressing the fact that each student learns differently, Landon is able to design a customized tutoring plan to ensure that each student masters their test.

With Landon, students will learn:

  • Test-taking techniques to reduce time spent on questions, enabling them to complete the exam in the designated time frame
  • Strategies to tackle areas that they struggle in
  • How to increase accuracy without compromising time
  • Key words to watch out for in questions and which answers never to choose
  • How to increase their comfort level by taking and reviewing numerous full-length practice tests

The result…students are well-prepared the day of the test. Our student success rate shows our method works. Most students have increased their scores when our method is followed.


Landon Zee

Landon has been tutoring students for over twenty years. Being a graduate of Edmund Burke High School, Duke University (1994, B.A., Economics) and the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business (2003, M.B.A.), Landon is very familiar with what it takes to succeed on the tests required by universities today. Since opening Zee Tutoring in 1995, he has become well-equipped with standardized test material and successful in helping students gain confidence for their tests. We are happy to furnish references upon request.

Stacey Zee

Stacey has been tutoring students for over five years. Stacey is a graduate of Cornell University (B.S., Natural Resources Management, 1995) and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (M.S., Environmental Policy, 2001). She also has taken graduate coursework at George Mason University in the Education Department. Stacey has worked in the field of determining environmental impacts of rocket launches for 20 years and has extensive knowledge in math and science. Stacey is able to apply her experience to helping students excel on the ACT.